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Viber is a popular Android and iOS app which users use all around the world to send unlimited free texts and also to make free voice and video calls. The same app is also available for Samsung Phones and I’m here with a guide that will let you download Viber for Samsung phones officially.

The app is officially available for Samsung phones and it’s a great news for such users but still the app doesn’t support all types of Samsung phones since these are high quality apps and they got certain hardware and software requirements.

About Viber for Samsung phones

The app is very popular around the globe for its features. Using Viber you can send unlimited number of free text messages and can even make free voice and video calls.

Using Viber you can send unlimited text messages for free and within the same conversation you can share photos, videos, voice notes and other types of files. The app also allows users to share locations if their phone is having GPS sensor.

Users can make freer voice and video calls and the quality which they get in the voice and video calls are superb (almost equivalent to HD quality). Viber app doesn’t charge any price for any of these features but it needs active data connection with good download speed.

It can work easily on either your 3G data pack or even at Wi-Fi. So if you’re in home or office or in a free Wi-Fi network area you can make free voice and even video calls with your friends who are also using Viber app.

Viber app uses your phone number as your ID just like WhatsApp. Your contacts who are using Viber app are found automatically by importing contacts of your phone from the contact app or address book. This is how you don’t need to create profile or add or delete any person into your contact app

Download Viber for Samsung Phones officially

The app provides active push notification feature using which Viber app notifies the user for every new text message, voice or video call or anything other happening in your network related to you. This is how users never miss any moment

You can download Viber for Samsung phones officially by following the direct download link mentioned down here.

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